Legacy Partners was the proud sponsor of the Canadian College of Health Leaders Leadership Luncheon at HealthAchieve 2016.

2016's Leadership Luncheon took the form of a panel of speakers sharing perspectives on health care efficiency, modern technologies and smart future planning. The session was moderated by Bonnie Adamson and included presentations from Nathalie Le Prohon, Vice President, Healthcare Industry, IBM Canada, Sue Owen, Chair CCHL Board of Directors and Principal, Healthcare Transformation Services, Philips Healthcare Canada and Altaf Stationwala, President & CEO, MacKenzie Health.

Legacy Partners Sponsors Canadian College of Health Leaders Luncheon at HealthAchieve 2017

We look forward to seeing you at HealthAchieve 2017!

National Healthcare Leadership Practice

Our Credentials and Experience

Legacy Partners has a proud history of leading successful searches for organizational leadership positions across all parts of the healthcare system over the past eight years and prior to that as PricewaterhouseCoopers Executive Search since the early 1970’s. In addition to having a corporate head office in Toronto, Legacy Partners can access national partners and affiliates in Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary. We can also work with our former PwC offices around the world to supplement our search for the best available candidates.

We are proud of our dedicated National Healthcare Leadership Practice which focuses on the importance of understanding the uniqueness of each part of the health care system but also the challenges faced by each organization and its leaders in delivering an integrated health care system with a focus on wellness and disease prevention as well as a person-centred approach to diagnosis, treatment and care. The knowledge, insights and experience of our team have been gained in working with many leaders, Boards, panels and committees across all areas in the health system and in the broader public sector.

Legacy Partners Executive Search - Healthcare Recruitment Puzzle

Please download our PDF brochure outlining our formula for succes in healthcare leadership recruitment.

Our reputation as executive search professionals is based upon our consulting and industry backgrounds that enable us to work with a health care organization to “define” the skills and experience required of candidates and to formulate a recruitment plan that reflects the uniqueness and cultural and strategic orientation of the client. Our searches are invariably complex due to the changing nature of the leadership challenges in healthcare and often include consulting on organizational design, strategic development and change management priorities. Our passion is to ensure that the recruitment enhances the organization’s growth and development as well as the individual’s career progression.

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